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Eat stop eat is not a diet
here there is no anxiety for calculating the calories you can eat
in a meal or during the day.
The name of the program already makes you understand what we are talking about: eat, do not eat for a specified amount of time and then eat again.

For example, Monday I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly, Tuesday I decide to make my day off, so I don’t eat during the day but I’ll be able to eat for dinner.
There is never a day without a full meal.
Wednesday and Thursday I have regular meals on Friday I decide to have breakfast and lunch only, so I decide to stop and not eat until Saturday afternoon, when I can have a snack and then dinner.
This as I said is an example
you have to spend 48-72 hours between one stop and another.
Are you hungry?
Yes at the beginning the days of stop are hungry, but the hunger you would have like when you are on a diet.
Only when you go on a diet you are hungry all the time, while with this system you are hungry 1 or 2 days a week, depending on how many stops you want to do.
How do you lose weight with this system?
it uses the lowering of insulin in the blood
when you eat insulin is high when you fast it lowers to values ​​that restart our metabolism and burn the accumulated fat.
During the stop days we are lighter, more concentrated and with more energy

as I said with this food system you don’t have to weigh any food, you don’t have to take into account the calories you eat, when you eat you can eat normally without restrictions.
For this reason it is a system that is good for anyone, and at any age.
Eat stop eat leaves you the freedom to eat as and when you want and to organize your stops whenever you want.
Brad Pilon is the one who has studied this intermittent fasting system and who has tried it himself obtaining excellent results.
Using Brad’s method actually improves metabolism, preserves lean muscle tone and can be used by anyone to improve organ health, reverse the signs of aging and reach the ideal weight for life.

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